Bruno Mendoza


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Buzios Residenty Party
Clan Club Residenty
Seo @clanclubrec

Areá 65 Rec. / SuperMatrix Buzios / Revista Dj Music

More Producer
Tech House / Tecnho / EDM
Buzios - Rio De Janeiro – Cuiabá

Sello discográfico / Label
• Alveda Deep (Grécia)
• 1980 Recordings (Ibiza)
• TokaBeatz (Germany)
• The Groove Society/SonyMusic (Dubai)
• Electro Super Star (Europe)
• Muenchen (Germani)
• SuperMatrix Buzios (Brasil)
• PornoShok (Germani)
• IBmusic (Ibiza,España)
• Nostalgia Digital (Rusia)
• Paranoja Recors (Áustria)
• Lw Recordings (Ibiza,España)
• Elantris Rec. (Barcelona,España)
• Area 65 Rec (Cuiaba,Brasil)
• Reivision Music. (Barcelona,España)
• Puntazo Label Records (Malaga,España)
• Islou Records (São Paulo,Brasil)
• Underground Avenue Rec (Barcelona,España)
• White Island Rec. (Ibiza,España)


SuperMatrix Buzios / BlackAndWhite Festival/Area 65 Rec.

Bruno Mendoza,
Was born in Brazil, and since childhood, he has been fascinated by electronic music and the electronic scenario. A fan of Global Deejay, Benni Bennasi, started working with music at age 15, influenced by his DJ uncle who worked at a local radio station. Influenced by Progressive music and electro house, he started very young to play and produce in the very young genre. He moved to Spain to live with his parents, where he started developing musically, acquiring a musical level, taking his steps in clubs in Valencia and participating in major festivals in the Fallas in Valencia.When he turned 18 he decided to take a big musical step creating an international project with great influence of friends and DJs whose talent can be recognized in the top of the charts Valencia, which led him to his great musical performances in the best clubs in Spain and in the world as in the

Dj & Producer
U.M.A 2013 Goo Ibiza
More than shows
• Luna Rosa (Esp)
• Casa Del Loko (Esp )
• 7RIder (Esp) DJ residente durante dos años,
• Discoteca VIRGIS (Esp)
• LaSeven (Esp),
• Discoteca escándalo (Esp),
• Baobab (Esp)
• Red Valencia (Esp),
• The One (Esp),
• Pacha (Fr)
• Festival Music Electronic (Pt)
• Cachaçaria Água Doce (Br)
• Getulio Loft (Br)
• Arena Hits Pantanal (Br)
• Hotel Hits Pantanal (Br)
• Café Cancún (Br)
• Bora Bora Ibiza (Esp)
• Café Del Mar Rio De Janeiro (Br)
• Atlantica 1910 (Br)
• Zapata Buzios (Br)
• Friends Music Festival (Col)
• Lual Beach Festival (Br)
• Lotus (Br)
• SuperMatrix Buzios (Br)
• Fish Bone Buzios (Br)
• Black And White Festival – Cali (Col)
• Colombia Dance Xperience Festival Brasil (Br)
• Black And White Festival Brasil (Br)
• Real Lounge Buzios (Br)
• Espaço Jequitiba (Br)
• Deck And House Buzios (Br)
• GrooveBeach Saquarema (Br)
• Lumino City (Br)



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